This Month in the Garden  – June 2023

What a fabulous month when everything in the garden is blossoming and burgeoning and especially with all the rain.  Such a delight to be out and about savouring the beauty and wonder of nature.  I have been visiting numerous gardens in Biddenham and elsewhere during May.  Each one so different but delightful in its own way and with the owners so enthusiastic and proud to show off their efforts, highlight their challenges and bemoan their disasters.  May was the month of the tulip.  Gardens everywhere were show casing them in abundance, as in my own garden.  And, like me, have you been swept away by the beautiful displayed on The Embankment in Bedford.  The Parks Department of Bedford Borough Council deserve high praise for putting on such a wonderful display each year …

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Biddenham Show 2023 – Tent Entries

The 2023 Biddenham Show will be held on
Sunday, September 10th

  SHOW TENT – Entries




Asters x3


Cactus dahlias x3


Pompom dahlias x3


Decorative dahlias x3


3 Annuals (same)


3 perennials (same)


Mixed flowers x3


Flowering pot plant


Foliage pot plant           


Selection of herbs in a vase


Small flower arrangement ‘Celebration’ max 25cmHx25cmWx25cmD


Large foliage arrangement  max 90cmHx60cmWx60cmD


Colourful flower arrangement ‘God Save The King’ max 90cmHx60cmWx60cmD


Eating apples x3


Cooking apples x3


Pears x3


Carrots x3


Onions x3


Shallots x3


Runner beans x3


Longest Runner Bean


Potatoes x3


Cherry tomatoes x3


Standard tomatoes x3


Heaviest Truss of Tomatoes


Cucumber x1


Sweetcorn x3 cobs


Courgettes x3


Any other fruit not specified above – at least 3 of the same variety


Any other vegetable not specified above – at least 3 of the same variety


A Biddenham Whopper


Show Disaster: A fruit or vegetable which did not turn out as you would have hoped!
  Biddenham Preserves


A jar of sweet preserve – jam, jelly, marmalade


A jar of chilli chutney
  Biddenham Baking


Red Velvet Cake following published recipe on Show website


A Coronation cake fruit or sponge decorated to reflect the occasion of the king’s coronation


Flavoured Sourdough Bread


Show Disaster: A bake which did not turn out as you would have hoped!



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‘Trees” by Andrew Mikolajski

On Tuesday 16th May we were joined by Andrew Mikolajski.  Andrew is a writer and lecturer who was an adviser on the new edition of the RHS A-Z Encylopedia of Garden Plants and the RHS Encylopedia of Plants and Flowers, he is also an RHS judge.  There was a good turnout of members and visitors and we were treated to a really fascinating talk.  Andrew began by asking “What is a tree?”  He then proceeded to tell us about the evolution of trees and the way in which they adapted to life on land around 420 Million years ago.  Andrew described the genetic diversity of trees and went on to list those trees to be cautious about for smallish gardens.  The list  included eucalyptus which, because nurseries tend to grow them from seeds rather that grafting on root stock, which is the norm, they will grow very tall unless pruned frequently.  Andrew also included in the list Robinia pseudoacacia frisia as, being so brittle, strong winds will bring it down and Acacia dealbata – silver wattle as it is too cold for it in this part of the country …

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Outing to Elton Hall – 6th July, 2023

The BGA has arranged to visit Elton Hall and its stunning gardens near Peterborough on Tuesday, 6th July 2023

Further details will be given at the next meeting of the BGA on 16th May


Gardners Association Lunch Form


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‘Diluted’ by Darren Lerigo

On Tuesday 18th April we were joined by Darren Lerigo. Darren is a gardener who specialises in topiary and pruning but today he had come to talk to us about water conservation and how to cope with and manage the extremes of too much rain and not enough rain.  In recent years we have experienced both.  In developing countries where there is more emphasis on growing crops much more water is used for irrigation than here in the UK.  In fact, Darren told us that 92% of the water we use in this country is for cooling power plants and very little is used for irrigation …
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BGA Meeting on Tuesday 18th April

Dear Members and Supporters
We look forward to seeing you at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  Darren Lerigo will be joining us.  His talk will focus on how to use water in the garden – when we have too little or too much.  In view of the times we now live in in terms of climate change his talk should be of interest to all of us in how to manage our gardens.  Darren will be giving practical advice on ways to water and plants that can cope with too much heat or flooding.

At this meeting we will be starting a new venture.  A table will be set out so that members and visitors can bring surplus plants.  So, if you have divided your herbaceous plants or you have too many seedlings please bring them along to the meetings so that they can be given a new home.  It is expected that members will give a small donation to the BGA for any plants taken – so please do bring some cash with you to the meeting.

With best wishes
Linda Truscott
Membership Secretary

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This Month in the Garden – April 2023

So here we are in April – the time of blossoms and new beginnings. The month of April gets its name from the Latin word aperio, meaning to open or uncover and at this time of the year trees and shrubs and flowers really do begin to reveal their beauty. By April we start to feel that spring is here and, if we are lucky, the weather will reflect that optimistic view. I am, of course, writing this article in March and as I started there was a snow blizzard outside my window, but now the sun is breaking through …
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BGA Open Garden(s)

Marysia who gave an inspiring talk for ‘My Gardens’ at the BGA meeting in January is opening her garden for the village Ukrainian fund for the week commencing 17 April. Marysia lives at 5 Nodders Way, Biddenham MK40 4BJ.  Marysia can be flexible about timings of visits as the weather can be unpredictable. If you would like to visit her garden during the week of 17th April, could you please email her first on or phone/text her on 07772 090707 to make sure that she is at home. If you would like some of her delicious cake to eat, please give Marysia 24 hours notice and she will get baking! (She cannot bake nut free or gluten free cakes or for any allergy.) Her garden will look very beautiful with tulips and many other flowers during the middle of April and it will be well worth a visit …

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A Passion for Heucheras

We were very fortunate to be joined at our meeting, on 21st March, by Richard and Vicky Fox.  They are the owners of Jubilee Cottage Nursery in Cheshire.  Over the last 33 years they have been growing Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella and now hold the National Collection in all three Genus.  So far they have won a row of 11 gold medals at Chelsea Flower Show.  Their displays at the many national flower shows are always stunning and their tally of 130 medals is well deserved. Plants can be ordered from their 

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Dear Members and Supporters

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Tuesday 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  We are delighted that Vicky and Richard Fox from Plantagogo will be speaking to us about Heucheras, Tiarellas and other perennials.  Vicky and Richard have been exhibiting at Royal Horticultural Shows for many years.  Since 2009 they have won a Gold Medal for their display at Chelsea every year.  They are travelling down from Cheshire and will be well worth listening to.  They will be bringing a selection of plants for sale so if you wish to purchase please bring cash with you.
We hope to see you on what should be an excellent evening.  All friends and guests are welcome at a charge of £5 for non members.
With all good wishes
Linda Truscott
Membership Secretary.
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