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This Month in the Garden – March 2024

This month, in March, I sing the praises of narcissus – a huge genus with, I understand,  more than 25,000 registered hybrid cultivars. They hybridise readily both among international growers and in the wild.  From tiny miniatures like Minnow which … Continue reading

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This Month in the Garden – February 2024

Well here we are in February – what a fabulous month.  The days are lengthening and there is the promise of everything to come.  This month the long awaited snowdrops are the stars.  The Victorians associated them with death which … Continue reading

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The Autumn Flowers of the Peloponnese

We were joined on 22nd November by Joe Sharman, the owner of Monksilver Nursery in Cambridgeshire. Joe is a renowned plantsman with a particular interest in snowdrops. However he lectures on a wide variety of topics and today he came to … Continue reading

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This Month in the Garden – March 2020

When you read this, the snowdrops, the first display of Spring, will very largely be dying down. If you want to have an even bigger and better display next year, or you have been inspired by the idea of having … Continue reading

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