BGA Open Garden(s)

Marysia who gave an inspiring talk for ‘My Gardens’ at the BGA meeting in January is opening her garden for the village Ukrainian fund for the week commencing 17 April. Marysia lives at 5 Nodders Way, Biddenham MK40 4BJ.  Marysia can be flexible about timings of visits as the weather can be unpredictable. If you would like to visit her garden during the week of 17th April, could you please email her first on or phone/text her on 07772 090707 to make sure that she is at home. If you would like some of her delicious cake to eat, please give Marysia 24 hours notice and she will get baking! (She cannot bake nut free or gluten free cakes or for any allergy.) Her garden will look very beautiful with tulips and many other flowers during the middle of April and it will be well worth a visit …

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