Jeremy Arthern

Jeremy’s contribution to the gardening world
Jeremy has made a wonderful contribution to the gardening world, especially in Biddenham.   He is passionate about gardening and is a fount of knowledge. He has visited many gardens and sites of horticultural interest and we have benefitted from the photographs he took which are now on the BGA website.  He has given encouragement and support to so many people.  Our Secretary Paula recalls , ‘I had recently moved to Biddenham and was in the front garden planting a hedge, when Jeremy and Susan appeared and introduced themselves. They both showed great interest in my garden and Jeremy very kindly and authoritatively informed me that the 5 foot weeping willow on the edge of my lawn bordering the public pathway was best removed!  Sound advice indeed.’  Jeremy has given helpful advice to so many other people. 

Role as Chairman
Above all, he made a great impact in his role as Chairman of the Biddenham Gardeners’ Association.  He joined the committee with our Membership Secretary, Linda,  in 2007 and rarely missed a meeting.  He was Chairman for a number of years. He led the committee meetings in a very efficient and committed way and the BGA grew in strength, inspired by his leadership. He was thoughtful in his preparation for BGA meetings.  When a Speaker had to cancel their gardening presentation to a BGA meeting, he gave a presentation he had prepared earlier to cover this situation. All of us on the committee would share Paula’s words. ‘Thank you, Jeremy, for being such a wonderful Chair of our amazing gardening club. It was a pleasure to have worked with you on the BGA committee.’

Biddenham Show

Jeremy was a great supporter of the Biddenham Show and his gardening expertise showed in the many prizes he won.  As you walked around the exhibits, you were impressed by the quality of his plants, and especially his vegetables)  and by the just awards he received for them. 


Jeremy’s passion for gardening was reflected in the wonderful articles he wrote for the Biddenham Bulletin and latterly, for the Loop. His garden is full of interest and is beautifully designed. Everywhere you walk around his garden, there is a different vista. Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable about plants and gardening and is always ready to impart that knowledge. His articles gave very practical advice. As Josie, our newest member of the committee,  wrote, ‘His gentle style of general encouragement and recommendations for gardens of varying sizes, in sun and shade, covering all aspects of horticulture including lawns and the veg plot, has been invaluable.  It is as though we have our very own, all year round ‘Monty Don’ in Biddenham!’ 

 Open Garden scheme
Jeremy and Susan have kindly opened their garden on many occasions for the Red Cross and it has been a very worthwhile experience for all those visiting. Jeremy and Susan have been very engaging to those who have visited and have shared their love of gardening.

Our appreciation of Susan’s contribution
We have really appreciated Susan’s contribution not only to BGA meetings but also to the Biddenham Show. Susan rarely missed a Tuesday meeting and provided tea and cakes on a regular basis. Liz, who is on the  BGA committee, mentioned that when she first volunteered to take on the catering role for AGMs and Christmas parties, Susan was a guiding light and continued to support in respect of providing the tableware.  With regard to the Biddenham Show, Susan helped Liz with the scoring of points after the judges had completed their tour of assessment in the Exhibitors’ tents. Furthermore both Jeremy and Susan were there on the Saturday to set up the tables in the Exhibitors’ tents and put away after the Show.

Our very sincere thanks
Jeremy has made a lasting impact on many people through his role as Chairman of the Biddenham Gardeners’ Association, through his many articles and through his personal contact with people. We really appreciate all that he has done. We have also appreciated the contribution Susan has made to the BGA. We will miss Jeremy and Susan when they move and we wish them every happiness in their new home in Devon.

Paul H Fricker
(Chairman of the BGA)

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2 Responses to Jeremy Arthern

  1. Ron B says:

    Jeremy – It has been a pleasure to read and publish your articles on the BGA website for many years. Always, very readable and understanding even from a ‘non gardeners’ perspective such as mine.

    We wish Jeremy and Susan the very best in their new move to one of the loveliest areas of our country …

    Ron Bessey

  2. Gloria Clarke says:

    I can only re-iterate what everyone has said about both Jeremy & Susan. Jeremy was extremely knowledgeable about all things to do with gardening and would have made a very good presenter on Gardeners World!! Their garden was an inspiration to everyone, and we can only hope that the new occupants love gardening too, and will continue to open the garden in the summer in aid of the Red Cross.
    The two of you will be sorely missed both at the BGA meetings & the Biddenham Show, but our wishes go with you for your new life down in Devon.

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