Lockdown Lettuces

Dear BGA member,

We have been approached by scientists from Cranfield University, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and Lancaster University, asking for participants to take part in a scientific study regarding growing lettuces …

Participants will receive a lettuce growing kit including, seeds, labels, markers, log books and a trowel.  The experiment will last for 8 weeks and all participants will receive a £20 gift voucher (£30 if you take part in two telephone interviews with one of the scientists) as a thank you.  The scientists ask that participants are aged over 18, have somewhere to grow the lettuces and live in Bedfordshire.  The kit will be left on your doorstep and interviews will be conducted via the telephone in order to comply with the Government’s current guidelines. If you are interested, please send your email address to:  lockdownlettuce@liverpool.ac.uk.

I have signed up for the experiment and I look forward to hearing from the scientists regarding the results in 8 weeks time!  It promises to be an interesting project and perhaps children and grandchildren would like to become involved with your experiment.

Best wishes,

Paula Church

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