Chairmans newsletter – May 2020

Dear Biddenham Gardeners’ Association member,

We have seen some beautiful late Spring colours in the gardens and I hope you have been able to visit our Gallery of Members’ Photos. It must be one of the most inspiring photo galleries of any local gardeners’ association and it is a reflection of the commitment and dedication you have shown to your gardens. We also appreciate the hard work of Ron Bessey in his presentation of the photos on the website. Thank you, Ron.

Many of the Spring flowers are now coming to an end but we are seeing the early summer colours. The roses are just beginning to come out –  my favourite being the Gertrude Jekyll rose. Allium is now in flower and if you have osteospermum and calendula plants, they offer a blaze of colour. Plants like penstemon are well on their way. I am sure you have many other plants that are giving colour to your gardens.

We have so many sources from which we can get advice on how to make our gardens flourish. We are very fortunate to have our own garden expert, Jeremy Arthern, who writes in the Loop and whose articles you can also find on our website.  I am sure you have been watching Gardeners’ World where Monty Don has been giving some useful tips. The programme has enabled us to enjoy very different types of gardens. There have been some interesting recorded programmes presented by Alan Titchmarsh. 

It is now permissible for garden centres to open. If you are thinking of visiting a local one, do check that it is open (one or two have decided not to open for the foreseeable future) and that safety measures are in place. At this moment, Milton Ernest Garden Centre is offering a delivery service if you telephone, as is Kempston Nursery. 

I am sure we are all looking forward to meeting up again. The Prime Minister in his address from Downing Street on Sunday 10th May has made it clear that it will be some time before public meetings can take place. We will keep you informed. I hope you will keep well and safe and will enjoy your gardens. Thank you again to all those who have contributed to the Members’ Photo Gallery.

Best wishes
Paul Fricker (Chairman)

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