Plants & Vegetables for Sale in Biddenham

Dear BGA member,
I have been informed by my neighbour, Julie Clay, that Katie Lee of Kempston whose family sell plants at Bedford market will be selling and delivering plants and vegetables to the Biddenham/Bedford area at weekends.

If you are interested in purchasing, ring Katie on 077639 60604

examples of prices – a 12 pack of vegetables such as peas, runner beans, chard etc are £2, pot grown vegetables £1, perennials including hardy ferns are £3 and shrubs in a pot are £7.

A massage from Katie: ‘One thing to note – we do sell on a market but it’s not bedford market, we don’t want to upset anyone ‘

I and all of the BGA Committee hope that you are all keeping well. We look forward to happier times in the (hopefully) not too distant future, when we can gather together to share our love of gardening.

Best regards,
Paula Church (BGA Secretary)

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