Biddenham Gardeners Association AGM – 2016

The AGM of the Biddenham Gardeners was held on 19th July with 35 members in attendance. The Chair’s report referred to a varied and attractive programme of meetings and outings with an average meeting attendance of 40. The treasurer reported on a financially successful year with an adequate amount in the bank and a satisfactory balance of income and expenditure leaving a surplus of £6.37.

The Chair described the Committee’s proposal to switch from a minimal annual membership fee plus an entry charge for each meeting to a system of paying an enhanced annual subscription for members  with an entry charge for guests only. The new system will start in January covering the calendar year 2017. This will allow time to write to members explaining the detail of the new system and to set it up in good time for the new year. In the interim period of September to December the present per meeting entry charge will continue and no annual subscription will be levied. The change is being introduced to simplify accounting procedures and speed up the entry process at each meeting. Membership matters will in future be  dealt with by a membership secretary rather than being covered by the treasurer. Linda Truscott has volunteered to take on this new position.  Several questions were raised and discussed and points made at the AGM will be given further consideration by the committee.

Two committee members, Peter Carter and Terry Platt, indicated their wish to stand down from the Committee. Peter has been on the committee for twenty years and done many jobs including that of Chair. Both Peter and Terry were warmly thanked for their service. Marie Willis had indicated her wish to relinquish the post of treasurer but will continue as  a committee member. Marie was thanked and applauded for her time as treasurer.  Two new committee members, Ralph Harding and Liz Hurford, were proposed and seconded and Ralph was elected to the position of treasurer. The continuing members of the committee were re-elected and the composition of the committee is now as follows:

Chair – Jeremy Arthern   (and reporter for The Loop)

Secretary – Paula Church

Treasurer – Ralph Harding

Membership Secretary – Linda Truscott (plus Raffle and reporter for The Loop)

Programme  Secretary – Janet Bird

Ron Bessey – website.

Liz Hurford

Marie Willis

George Metcalf was thanked for his service as examiner of the accounts and Village Hall representative and reappointed to these positions.

Members were reminded that with effect from the September meeting the start time will be 7.30pm rather than 8.00pm

The business part of the meeting ended at 8.40pm and was  followed by a talk on The East of England Air Ambulance service by John Gibson.

The evening concluded with a splendid summer buffet prepared by Marjorie Congdon and Susan Arthern.

The next BGA meeting wil be on Tuesday 20th September at 7.30pm and will be on the subject of Britain’s Wonderful Wildlife by Richard Revels a wildlife photographer and lecturer. 

Jeremy Arthern

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