Gardens of Hong Kong City

During October 2015 Paul (Fricker) visited Hong Kong for a reunion with ex colleagues and former pupils. Paul’s photos provide a lasting memory of this amazing city …


Two parks in HK.001Hong Kong Park is situated right in the centre of the city and is surrounded by high rise buildings. It is an oasis in that it is a place where people can enjoy the natural landscape and escape from the  hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I visited the park in October and particularly enjoyed several water features. Anyone visiting the Forsgate Conservatory (a massive greenhouse) will be impressed by the array of orchids and subtropical plants and trees. Although on a smaller scale, the greenhouse reminded me of the Eden Project. One unusual feature was the Halloween Garden!

Click here for more photos of Hong Kong Park


DSC00016As I entered the park, I was very conscious of the influence of Queen Victoria as I gazed at her imposing monument. Victoria Park is very popular because people can jog or walk round it (I went for a four and an half mile walk!), others do exercises like tai chi and schools use it for activities. There was still colour in the borders in October and there were a number of subtropical plants and trees I found interesting.

Click here for more photos of Victoria Park

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