Updates to Website

The following updates have been made to our website:

  1. You can now follow the News postings that appear in the News page, Just enter your email address in the ‘Subscribe via Email’ widget in the sidebar. You will then receive a confirmation email asking you to activate this option, thereafter you will receive an email containing an excerpt (and the link) each time a new News item is added.
  2. The 2013 Programme for Olney & District Gardening Club is attached to the Links page
  3. The website has been given an early ‘spring clean’ around the areas associated with outings, visits & photos.
  4. and, (for trial purposes only at this stage) an additional method of showing our photo galleries has been added. This method is ‘compatible’ with Windows/PC and Apple devices and should provide an enhanced viewing experience:
    – a link has been added at the bottom of the sidebar ——————->
    – click this to link to the biddenhamgardenersassociation.wordpress.com test site
    – We welcome all your comments, particularly if you experience problems when viewing this gallery. If you encounter any problems pls use the ‘Contact Us’ page, stating your type of computer (Apple/Windows PC etc), and type of internet browser (MS Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc), together with version information (ie. Windows 7/XP etc & MS Explorer V9 etc). Alternatively email the BGA website administrator.
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